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For private dinners, tastings, weddings, partys or others please get in touch with our team. We have a specialized team ready to help you in every step of the way.

Wine Tasting

Make note of the circumstances surrounding your wine tasting experience that may affect your impressions of the wine. For instance, a noisy or crowded room makes concentration difficult. Cooking smells, perfume and even pet odor can destroy your ability to get a clear sense of a wine’s aromas.

A glass that is too small, the wrong shape, or smells of detergent or dust, can also affect the wine’s flavor and thats why we prepared the perfect conditions for you to do it, you will feel welcome either if you are a professional or someone new in wine tastings. We are sure that our staff will help you to get a quick peek at Portuguese wines and help you understand what your favorite grapes, acidity levels, sugar etc…

Monthly Tastings

Party Dinner

Big or small, exclusive or welcoming you choose and we deliver. Get in touch.

Bites & Wine

It’s not a secret that Portuguese food is known all over the world by its flavors. The secret is that almost every wine we have is a perfect match with some traditional dishes, and guess what?

Portugal and Russia are not so different, we combine the seafood and fresh fish of our coasts with the olive oil and fresh vegetables, of course we still have our meat, juicy and tasty like it should be. Try our wine pairing with some portuguese cold appetizers! We promise you will enjoy!


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